Absolute Red

Select Material: Cotton Canvas
Select Size: 59x99 cm - Limited edition 180
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Get ready for an explosion of emotion and passion in the works of Ana Rita Videira, where red is the undisputed protagonist. Each stroke is a manifestation of intensity and heat that captures the eye and floods the soul.

In Ana Rita's creations, red is not just a color; It is a story of love, of desire, of incandescent energy. The contrasts with gray and black give depth and mystery to each canvas, creating an irresistible dance of emotions.

These red paintings are much more than decoration; they are bold statements of style and personality. They will become the focal point of any space, sparking conversation, inspiration and even transformation.

Let the passion of Ana Rita Videira's art warm your life and make your environment more vibrant. Purchase a work that not only adorns, but also ignites your imagination and soul. #AbstractArt #RedPaintings #IntenseExpression