Amanda Oliveira

Amanda Oliveira

Photographer Amanda Oliveira is a talented professional who stands out in the field of documentary photography, specializing in Afro-Brazilian culture and sea traditions. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she has lived in Bahia for 15 years, where she considers herself a "southerapolitan of Méier". In addition to her passion for photography, Amanda is also a Social Sciences student with an emphasis on Anthropology at the State University of Bahia.

Amanda Oliveira's photographs are an ode to the cultural richness and customs of Bahia, showing a perspective that is rarely presented in the media. With a variety of styles that range from vibrant colors to the classic elegance of black and white, it transports us to a Bahia blessed by the gods, exposing the diversity and authenticity of this land of saints.

In this online art gallery, we present the works of Amanda Oliveira, a photographer who captures the essence of Brazilianness in her images. Browse through his photographs and let yourself be immersed in Afro-Brazilian culture, sea traditions and all the richness that Bahia has to offer. Each photograph is a window into a universe of colors, customs and everyday life, inviting you to explore a side of Bahia that you may not have seen yet. Discover the magic of these images and discover the true soul of Brazil through Amanda Oliveira's unique vision.

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Boys from Itapema
Amanda Oliveira
Boys from Itapema Sale priceFrom R$ 390
Feast of Yemanjá III
Feast of Yemanjá I
Amanda Oliveira
Feast of Yemanjá I Sale priceFrom R$ 390
Yemanjá II Festival
Feast of Yemanjá IV
Barravento in Itapuã
Dawn in Itaparica
Amanda Oliveira
Dawn in Itaparica Sale priceFrom R$ 390