Claudio Souza Pinto

Claudio Souza Pinto

What are you like when no one is looking? Claudio Souza Pinto's work provokes the viewer to answer questions like this. His name is recognized in the highest artistic and intellectual circles in the world.

In the series "Masks of Everyday Life", from a surrealist, very humorous and critical perspective, the award-winning Brazilian artist creates playful characters that wander, in a contrasting way, between human appearance and the real essence of Man.

In his paintings, influenced by the art of Da Vinci and Bosch, the human being is represented by masks, clothes, movements and states of mind, being devoid of any internal fulfillment.

Of enormous drama, Claudio Souza Pinto's work highlights, through body volumes, postures and gestures, the human feelings and emotions of “illustrious strangers” who are hidden beneath everyday personas.

The “romantic surrealist” Claudio Souza Pinto saw his works distinguished in countries such as Spain, Turkey, the United States, Germany and England.

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Claudio Souza Pinto
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Claudio Souza Pinto
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Claudio Souza Pinto
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Claudio Souza Pinto
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