1. How is it possible to buy works by renowned artists at affordable prices?

Affordable prices, one of the fundamental aspects of the concept, are viable due to the larger print run of each work, available in different sizes and formats.

  1. What is limited edition or multiples?

Multiple is a work of art made in series. As it is part of a print run of identical works, the multiple is cheaper than a single work, making it more accessible to the public. The Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, one of the first to adopt the multiple, believed that the myth of the single work would disappear: "Artists cannot ignore the advantages that technique offers us. We must be coherent with our time." it is also linked to an essentially political concept: the democratization of art through the multiplication of the work of art. The multiple work proliferated through different artistic movements of the 60s and 70s. Pop art, optical art and minimalism artists appropriated the new concept in their work.

  1. What is the advantage of buying a limited edition?

The main advantage is the price. As it is not a unique work, the price is more affordable. An original work can cost more than R$50,000.00, while it is possible to purchase a reproduction, numbered and signed by the artist himself, from R$590, for example. Our editions are catalogued, which means that Democrart and the artist guarantee that the editions will be maintained as advertised on our website. This ensures the cataloging of works.

  1. How does Democrart work?

Democrart, through partnerships with major curators in the art market and its own team of curators, is always seeking to bring renowned artists to the Brazilian and global art scene, to offer outstanding works at the best value for money.

  1. Are the certificates signed by the artist himself?

All certificates are hand-signed by the artist himself and serve as a guarantee that you are purchasing a work of art authorized by the artist and catalogued.

  1. What is the Printing of the Work?

The circulation indicated in your work is the commitment of Democrart and the artist that there is no greater number of copies on the market in the format purchased. Each Democrart work of art will have its edition number indicated on the certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. This guarantees the artistic value of the work.

7 . What is the Certificate of Authenticity?

It is the guarantee that you are purchasing a numbered work, signed and authorized by the artist. Contains the following information: artist's name, title, dimensions, material, circulation, printing date and artist's signature.


Works in classic and mini-classic formats 40x50cm and 20x25cm include a blank border in this size and are not the size of the printed image. This was developed to standardize different sizes of works and facilitate the assembly of symmetrical compositions.

  1. What is Cotton Screen?

Most works of art are painted by artists on cotton canvas, which is prepared to receive the paint and then stretched onto wooden frames. It is on the chassis that the work takes shape to be hung on the wall.

In its prints, Democrart uses cotton canvas or “canvas” (as they are commonly known) that follow the highest standards adopted by museums around the world. They receive treatment against fungi and bacteria and on their surface an acid-free composition with neutral pH, thus leaving their appearance equal to a recently finished original painting.

The technology guarantees durability of up to 150 years if kept indoors and protected from direct sunlight - basic care for any work of art.

  1. What is Cotton Paper?

The cotton paper used in our works is a special line for fine art, accepted by museums and galleries, which presents the best performance, longevity and acceptance in the art market. Works printed on cotton paper must be framed and protected by glass.

  1. What is Methacrylate?

In the Brazilian art market, “methacrylate” has become synonymous with the technique of mounting photographs embedded between two sheets of cast acrylic (face-mounting), ready to be hung on the wall, dispensing with any other type of frame. Mounting in methacrylate produces a sensation of depth and three-dimensionality in photographs, and is widely appreciated in contemporary art galleries.

  1. How long will our works last?

We use cotton canvas and paper certified to the museum standard of quality, with anti-mold and UV treatment, thus guaranteeing a durability of more than 150 years, as long as conservation standards are followed.

  1. What are the handling and maintenance precautions?

To guarantee the durability of the works, some care is necessary:

  • The work must be stored and packed in bubble wrap and, if possible, kept inside the box until it is taken to be framed, avoiding dust, dirt and abrasions on the paper or canvas (cotton canvas).
  • Always hold your work with both hands to avoid creases and folds in the paper.
  • Do not display your work on walls that show signs of damp or in direct sunlight. Care is necessary even after framing, as UV rays and humidity are harmful to the conservation of the image.

  1. Will the colors I see on the monitor be the same as the ones I see in my painting?

The works may vary in tone from what you see on your computer. This happens for several reasons ranging from the process of forming the image on the screen to the type of monitor used.

  1. Can I buy original works by Democrart artists?

Yes. Democrart sells original works by artists on our website. You can also easily find available works using the top menu under “originals”. If you have any questions, send an email to original@democrart.com.br.

  1. How are works purchased from Democrart delivered?

We have developed special packaging, which guarantees the delivery of your work without any risk of damage during transport.


  1. Do the works come with a frame?

The works are sent rolled up. If you wish, we can offer the service of stretching the work on a wooden chassis or framing it. To do this, contact us via email at sac@democrart.com.br after purchasing the work on the website. Our team will provide a quote for your evaluation and validation.