My world!

Select Material: Cotton Canvas
Select Size: 44x99 cm - Limited edition 180
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With a talent for art that began in school notebooks, Feik comes from the culture of graffiti and pixação: in the beginning he wrote “enigma” and “sem necex”, and, in 98, he wrote “feik”. At the same time he met "Estopa and Salmos and together they formed the IP (public enemy) crew, when he also began to draw drawings of extra-terrestrials, and in the evolution of their features, the ETs became increasingly deformed, becoming Insects. Insects that by the irony of fate were one of his main hobbies, as a child's game in his grandfather's backyard and which today has become his studio. Since then, Feik has been “acquiring a huge catalog of bizarre species” and other A very strong species of playful insects that are fun to appreciate. The insects inhabit the walls and ruins of the city, with creative colors and shapes, which are often accompanied by the names of politicians – “the country's disease”, he says. They are also a metaphor for graffiti itself, which “spreads like an epidemic” a tremendous amount (InFeikção). Feik started to create surreal scenarios and situations to insert his insects in. These new super-colorful yet harmonious scenarios serve as a kind of camouflage for his insects, characters and objects. The other character, who in contrast to his creatures, has very simple features but has already acquired his own personality.
Even outside the streets, the art on Feik's canvases has strong links with graffiti culture: his name always appears in elaborate letters and there is a character, a striking feature in old school graffiti. Each year Feik makes his productions bigger and with more content, and in doing so attracts the attention of new audiences and admirers of his art.
Even though his work is difficult to enter into historical contexts, his art can be compared to Bosh's moral criticism of society and Escher's game of illusion.