Blood Woman

Select Material: Cotton Canvas
Select Size: 50x75 cm - Limited edition 180
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Isis Medeiros works as a documentary photographer and develops authorial projects aimed at defending human rights. He is part of photography and communication collectives and collaborates with printed and electronic media in Brazil and abroad.

Documents political resistance movements and organizations and large popular demonstrations. In his work, he denounces state violence and human rights violations.

With a particular interest in women's struggles, she carries out work aimed at female empowerment. In 2016, she carried out the 'Cabulous Women of History' project, and was awarded the 'Clara Zetkin' medal, which highlights women with transformative initiatives.

He has held numerous exhibitions of his projects inside and outside the country. He exhibited in 2017 at the XII World Social Forum (FSM) in Montreal (Canada), and in 2018 in Arles, France, an exhibition of photographs denouncing the socio-environmental crime that occurred in Mariana (MG) and the violation of the rights of those affected by dams in Brazil. His two new exhibitions that are circulating the country are: “Vale?” and “Women Affected: from mud to struggle”, both with the theme of the consequences of socio-environmental crimes caused by mining in Brazil.

In 2017, she was one of the founders of FARPA, currently "Agencia Farpa", a photographic collective dedicated to documenting movements and struggles for human rights in Brazil.

In 2018, she was one of the founders of “Fotografia pela Democracia”, a national group of photographers dedicated to defending democracy and human rights in Brazil.

In 2019, she was the only Brazilian photographer to receive mention for her work in the competition of the First Congress of Latin American Photographers.