Musician's table XIX

Select Material: Cotton Canvas
Select Size: 60x48 cm - Limited edition 180
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Teixeira Leite, lives in Rio de Janeiro and, strictly speaking, cannot be claimed by any style, trend or fad, and it is enough to say that he is a figurativist and must be young, if one deduces from the themes he develops in his paintings. The first thing that pleasantly surprises in his paintings, so full of color, is that they reveal without any fuss something that contemporary art seems to be forgotten about or that in any case makes a point of hiding: the ability to communicate, the obvious observation that, produced by and for human beings, works of art must be minimally understood by them. The woman, the flower, the mountain may perhaps summarize Teixeira Leite's artistic work; but we cannot fail to make a special reference to the Musicians' Tables, a series of imposing still lifes in which the accumulation of shapes and colors is subordinated to a superior sense of spatial organization, and which constitute, in my opinion, the best has produced Teixeira Leite, his greatest contribution to contemporary Brazilian painting.