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The studio

Formigueiro is a design studio that thinks about the creation process in an attentive and authorial way. Marked by careful finishes and a contemporary look, each object adds to the tradition of handcrafting a look committed to the new.

From wood to metal, from marble to threads, each material is worked according to its particularities and aesthetic potential in a process of constant experimentation. The result are pieces that are equally surprising and elegant, capable of balancing classic and unconventional characteristics.

With a growing presence in the national market, O Formigueiro develops objects and furniture across three different fronts: unique or limited pieces, custom-made projects and larger-scale product lines - all marked by an appreciation for quality and innovation.

The authors

Formigueiro translates the complementary vision of two professionals: Caio Bahouth and Vinicius Mesquita met during Design school at PUC - Rio, and in 2013 they decided to combine their skills and found the creation studio.

The different background of each partner results in the union between manual practice and aesthetic theory, allowing mastery of all phases of the creation process and an intense exchange of ideas and contributions. Each piece is developed through joint immersion: this exchange gives rise to furniture and objects that, in their multiplicity of influences, present a unique and striking identity. An original design created by two, signed by O Formigueiro.

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Calandra CenterpieceCalandra Centerpiece
Plié TrayPlié Tray
O Formigueiro
Plié Tray Sale priceR$ 1.000
Anthills side tableAnthills side table
Chapa BankChapa Bank
O Formigueiro
Chapa Bank Sale priceR$ 10.500
Aro BankAro Bank
O Formigueiro
Aro Bank Sale priceR$ 9.200