Campo do Moreno

Select Material: Cotton Paper
Select Size: 20x25 cm - Mini Classic Format
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Bahian, photographer and sensitive, who has a great history and love for the Art of Photography. With a precious and native look, he strives to solve the puzzles that arise daily in Bahian irreverence.

He lived for a few years in Chapada Diamantina-Ba, a region very rich in fauna and flora, which in addition to all the admirable nature, was also home to a people who were very strong in faith and suffered from their day-to-day toil, defined by Like Euclides da Cunha, Hercules and Quasimodo, this experience provided a lot of maturity, not only in life, but also in artistic vision, further sensitizing his outlook. His return to the capital was no longer the same, he brought with him a more perfected and enchanting work.

Passionate about Bahian culture, he lives and breathes its knowledge, thus building a vast work on Bahia, from Recôncavo to Metrópole, from Chapada to Sertão. It records its people, places, historical and cultural acts, with the strong mark of the waters that bathe Bahia; expression of all the magic and value of the spaces it embraces.