Iatã Cannabrava

Yatan Cannabrava

Iatã Cannabrava is one of the most acclaimed photographers in the country, as well as one of the most important cultural managers in Latin America.

With more than 40 exhibitions and 90 workshops under his belt and responsible for several photography festivals, Iatã Cannabrava seeks, above all, an image narrative full of architectural features of urban and natural landscapes. He treats photography as a "psychological space" where poetic and playful moments live. Travel along railway tracks and magnificent Brazilian forests.

His taste for photography dates back to when Iatã Cannabrava lived in Cuba with his family (his parents were political exiles) and at the age of 15 he received a Russian plastic camera given to him by a teacher.

Currently he continues to be involved in this universe. In addition to the extensive photographic collection he built, Iatã Cannabrava is the director of the international image festival Valongo and the founder and curator of the São Paulo Latin American Photography Forum, organized by Itaú Cultural.

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Iatã Cannabrava
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Iatã Cannabrava
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