Guilherme de Faria

Guilherme de Faria

A draftsman, Guilherme began his career by participating in the 1st National Young Drawing Exhibition, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (1965). In 1967, he appeared in the IX São Paulo Biennial. He participated in the Panorama of Brazilian Art, at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art in 1971, and held a solo exhibition at Galeria Portal (São Paulo, 1972).

Due to the speed of the line and the pose in which the model appears represented in his drawings, it is possible to compare him with an artist from a much earlier generation, Carlos Leão. There is, however, in Guilherme Faria's drawing, a warm languor to the figures, as well as a series of new tensions, derived from the use of different expressive resources, placing his work in a more contemporary context.

His work presents areas treated in a gestural and expressionistic way, which, in contrast to the coldness of the white background, fill it with drama. Color is incorporated only as a sudden and significant factor of contrast, and the scope of interest of each drawing is expanded by the use of certain conceptual data, such as the internal discussion of the reality of the painting itself and the illusionism of apparent collages.

The works at DemocrArt were part of the Off Bienal 3 exhibition.

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Guilherme de Faria
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