Thiago “Goms”, was born in São Paulo in 1984.

As a child, his passage through the streets of the center gave him his first influences, his fascination with the drawings on the walls and graffiti on the buildings made him imagine how and by whom it could all be done.

Even without knowing exactly what it was about, over time he tried to memorize what he saw and tried to redo it in his school notebooks.

As a teenager, he moved from sheets of paper to walls, influenced by some friends who were already painting in the neighborhoods of Grajaú and over time he began to understand more and more about this universe.

The desire to paint became more serious. Little by little he transferred his work to other media, influenced by comics and cartoons to create his characters, mixing elements from his imaginary universe.

He soon realized the similarity of these characters with friends and family and started to use this as inspiration, using characteristics and behaviors of the people around him.

From the union of his influences, today he brings in his works, anthropomorphic characters throughout the city of São Paulo that bring a mixture of characteristics of these animals with human personalities, nothing more than the reflection and extension of his own person.

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