Dorival Moreira

Dorival Moreira

Dorival Moreira, 51 years old, is from São Paulo, having lived most of his life in São Paulo. Although he had been interested in photography as an amateur since the age of 28, it was only at the age of 46 that he took up this passion as a professional activity. The decision brought high quality work to the public, recognized in several international and national awards.

Initially focused on urban themes typical of the capital of São Paulo, Dorival Moreira gradually migrated to nature photography. His works were presented in individual exhibitions - such as "Fotografite" at Shopping Interlar and "Fotografite" at Estação Sé do Metrô, both in 1994 in São Paulo - and in collective exhibitions, such as the Project "Caixa e Memória" Arquitetura, Bens Históricos , Squares and Parks in the City Center (Curated by Emidio Luisi) in 1999; the Third Exhibition of the Photographus Group, Galeria Imágicas", in 1998; the Second and Third Exhibition of Portfolios at the Casa da Fotografia Fuji (Curated by Rosely Nakagawa), respectively in 1997 and 1998.

In his works, Dorival Moreira explores diverse landscapes, highlighting marine scenes, flora and fauna, as well as architectural ensembles of historical interest. Both motifs have also been focused on from the perspective of "fine art", offering the eye with delicate images and unexpected forms of singular beauty.

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South Beach, Miami, USA
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Wall Street NY
Dorival Moreira
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Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Time Square NY
Dorival Moreira
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Umbrellas, Camuruxatiba, Bahia, Brazil
Banana trees
Dorival Moreira
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Time Square NY 2
Dorival Moreira
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Dorival Moreira
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Queensbury bridge
Dorival Moreira
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Dorival Moreira
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Umbrella/Anhangabaú valley
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cyclist, Camuruxatiba, Bahia, Brazil
Brooklyn NY
Dorival Moreira
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Brooklyn Bridge NY
Dorival Moreira
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Brooklyn Bridge
Dorival Moreira
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Dorival Moreira
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