Danilo Siqueira

Danilo Siqueira

Danilo César Maia de Siqueira, stage name “Dalua”, was born in Belo Horizonte and lived in Brasília, São Paulo, Barcelona and currently in Serra Gaúcha.
He has a degree in Social Communication with a specialization in Advertising and Propaganda, he worked for more than 20 years as an art director in important agencies in the advertising market in the capitals where he lived, he is also a photographer and filmmaker, he studied at the AIC/SP International Cinema Academy, in addition In addition, he graduated from the Master in Cinematographic Direction at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cine de Catalunya / Spain, in addition to being a director, he is a producer, screenwriter and editor. In addition to audiovisual and design, he is also a visual artist and musician.

As a visual artist, he exhibited in several places in Brazil and abroad, participated in the 27th Bienal de SP with interventions in the work of Miralda, also in CowParade BH with the cow “Romeo and Juliet”. His canvases and prints participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, he exhibited in Buenos Aires at the Borges Cultural Center, also in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic through the Brazilian Art Circuit, representing Brazil and the State of SP. As a photographer, he participated in several editions of Semanas da Fotografia in BH and Caxias / RS and had a solo exhibition in Barcelona.

He carried out several Urban interventions in BH, of an Art/Activist nature on environmental themes.

He founded and is part of the collective “Fluxuscetina”, which proposes conceptual and reflective art-poetic propositions, as a form of psychic, kinesthetic and imagery healing.
Develops artistic works on different surfaces or platforms, shapes, techniques, materials and languages. It doesn't like to be defined in styles and formats, its creation is unlimited.

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