Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

 After payment confirmation, DemocrArt is responsible for all deliveries, within the deadline stipulated at the time of purchase.

Shipping methods

Sedex, regular order, or any other way that DemocrArt deems appropriate.

Delivery times

The deadline varies according to the location of the recipient and the delivery method chosen.

We stipulate that this period may vary between 10 and 14 business days after confirmation of payment by BCash.

Works hand-signed by the artist may exceed the stipulated average deadline, depending on the artist's availability to sign them.

Methacrylate works can take up to 20 working days to be shipped.

Deadlines may be changed by DemocrArt without any prior notice and will apply to orders that have not yet been delivered to the recipient.

At the time of purchase, we use the post office table to calculate the shipping cost, but some zip codes do not have the Sedex or Sedex 10 modality of the post office and in this case, DemocrArt uses other delivery methods and the difference in shipping value is a courtesy. from DemocrArt.

For works measuring more than 90 cm on the smallest side, the Post Office does not deliver and therefore DemocrArt uses carriers to make the delivery and the difference in shipping cost is courtesy of DemocrArt.

NOTE: The post office table is merely a guide for calculating shipping, which is often much higher than the amount charged.

Delivery method

Our canvases, prints and photographs are delivered rolled up, in packaging that guarantees the quality of our products. If the customer wants the work on a wooden chassis or in special frames, they must contact DemocrArt via email: and check prices and availability before making the purchase.