Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you 100% satisfied.

If you receive the product and refuse or are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return the product within 7 days of receiving your order, but we need you to understand that all of our limited editions and works are made made to order after payment confirmation, sent to the artist to sign the certificate and only then sent to your home, which is why we have a different exchange or return policy. If you cancel your order or exchange it without defects or errors, we will refund 70% of the purchase price in coupon form to be used at Democrart.

Attention: Returns will not be accepted for works placed on a wooden chassis.

Any products without an intact certificate of originality will not be accepted.

Products with their protective packaging damaged so that they are unusable or with indications for use will not be accepted.

Exchanges will not be accepted for products purchased through a promotion or for which a voucher/discount coupon was used as part of payment.

If you detect upon delivery that the product is different from the product you purchased and/or was damaged during transportation, refuse delivery immediately and contact us via email at .

If you detect the damage after receipt, you must contact us via email at and request an exchange, citing the product failure as the reason. If no problem is detected upon receipt, you will have a period of 90 days (article 26, II of the Consumer Protection Code) to complain to the company about any defect detected in the product during this period.

Guidelines for exchange or return:

You must contact us via email at within 7 (seven) calendar days after receiving the product purchased in accordance with the Consumer Protection and Defense Code.

You can only return the product if it is in its original packaging and with the certificate of originality that accompanies it.

If any discrepancy is found, such as misuse or lack of certificate, accessories or damaged packaging, Democrart will be exempt from accepting the return and refunding the value, and may resend the product to you without prior consultation.

Democrart will indicate the shipping method for return. Therefore, you will need to contact our Customer Service Center before returning the product, which can be done via email at . The product may be sent via post or a company specializing in distribution.

You must always return the product with a second copy of the invoice. If this procedure is not followed, the identification of your request and, consequently, the refund of the amount paid will be compromised.

The refund of the amount will only be provided after receipt and analysis of the condition of the returned product(s). Once receipt is confirmed and the correct delivery procedure is verified, you will receive:

Purchase Voucher worth 70% of the purchase price of the product. (you can use the coupon in a single purchase, to purchase any other product).

For purchases paid through financing, the amount paid for financing will be deducted from the refund and will comply with the procedures of the Finance Company involved.

It may occur that the product is unavailable on the website at the time of exchange, in which case, Democrart will have 30 (thirty) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of your product at our Distribution Center, to resolve the incident. After this period, you can choose to: exchange for another similar product, refund the amount paid, reduce the amount paid when purchasing another product.