A new art gallery concept
A new art gallery concept


ART IS FOR EVERYONE. Our goal is to make quality art accessible to everyone who is interested.

Traditional galleries typically offer art at exorbitant prices, large formats and no more than 5 prints per work of art. Some sites sell low-quality and uncurated prints. However, this gap between the large galleries and the image market has been filled by Democrart.

We offer renowned artists, selected by our curatorship, fine art quality printing in limited editions, numbered and signed at an affordable price.


Our curatorship is constantly seeking to select renowned artists and new talents, seeking to offer as varied a mix of art as possible, ranging from contemporary to classic, from graffiti or naive art. We represent artists from Brazil and the world.


Democrart was born in 2010 with the purpose of bringing art to a greater number of people

The curatorship is what sets the gallery apart, which features renowned artists and new talents, handpicked by different curators over time. The works are limited editions, numbered and signed by the artists, guaranteeing all the exclusivity and value of a work of art.

Today we are a large Art Gallery that has the best delivery in terms of respect for artists and what you can pay. Conventional galleries offer works at exorbitant prices with extremely exclusive works in no more than 5 prints. There are also stores that work with image banks where works are mass-produced and without hand signatures. Democrart sits between these two markets, offering collectors and enthusiasts the possibility of entering the art market

Limited edition and the artist's signature have great value in the art market and that is why our contracts guarantee that neither the artist nor Democrart reproduces more works than have been catalogued.

The works are also accompanied by a certificate hand-signed by the artist of the work, guaranteeing their value on the art market. The certificate includes information such as printing date, format and material, as well as the artist's signature. Everything in accordance with international standards.

Bringing quality art in larger print runs than traditional galleries expands the art consumer market, helps artists to exhibit their work and live financially from their passion and supports our mission: democratizing art.

We hope you experience Democrart alive, just as we experience art.