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Alice Ferraz is the founder and CEO of Fhits, the world's first fashion and lifestyle influencer platform. The businesswoman has always had a strong connection with the artistic universe, a theme that accompanies her inspirations and insights, which she brings with freshness to the worlds of fashion and technology. His choices for Democrart seek precisely to reinforce the union between these three poles, where technology is an important bias in democratizing art.

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Pieces of Paradise IX
Autumn VI
José Bassit
Autumn VI Sale priceFrom R$ 390
Angeli In Partenza
Sonia Menna Barreto
Florence Sale priceFrom R$ 1.190
Blue foliage
Val Schneider
Blue foliage Sale priceFrom R$ 1.190
Humors IIIHumors III
Miranda Ross
Humors III Sale priceFrom R$ 390