Paola Frisoli

Paola Frisoli

Paola Frisoli moves between Pollock's emotional freedom and Van Gogh's intensity. Awarded in Europe, the United States and Brazil, the renowned Brazilian artist follows the contemporary abstract figurative line.

Paola Frisoli's paintings attract, above all, decoration lovers due to their harmonious dialogue between shapes and colors. The artist's happy and warm line reveals dreamlike universes of profound intensity. Take as an example the works "Universo Feminino, um Mundo Encantado" and "A Mulher no Jardim II".

Paola Frisoli, who also works with sculptures and installations, is a member of the Societé Académique d'Éducation Arts-Sciences-Lettres De Paris.

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Paola Frisoli
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The Woman in the Garden II
Paola Frisoli
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Brazil of all races, lV
Modern woman
Paola Frisoli
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Paola Frisoli
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Paola Frisoli
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Paola Frisoli
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Feminine Universe, an Enchanted World