Luciana Mariano

Luciana Mariano

Luciana Mariano has represented Naïve art with great quality, which means modern primitive art, in general terms, the art that is produced by artists without academic preparation in the art they perform (which does not imply that the quality of their works is inferior).

It is characterized, in general terms, by simplicity and the lack of some elements or qualities present in art produced by artists trained in this area.

The main characteristics of Naïve art are the clumsy way in which certain formal qualities are related; difficulties in drawing and using perspective that result in an unbalanced but, at times, quite suggestive beauty; frequent use of patterns, use of primary colors, without major nuances; simplicity instead of subtlety, etc.

It has become such a popular and recognizable style that there are now works that we can classify as pseudo-naive. Antônio Poteiro, Arnaldo Baptista, Aurino Bonfim, Augusto Pinheiro, Chico da Silva, Heitor dos Prazeres and João Candido da Silva are some of the painters who had a great influence on Naive art.


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