gabriela cardozo

gabriela cardozo

My works are a unique and personal expression of my journey through psychological disorders and their colors. From euphoria to depression, each work I create is inspired by my personal experience and research into psychological disorders.

When creating my latest series of works, I delved deeply into my research into bipolar disorder, exploring colors that reflect the emotional highs and lows of this condition. During an art residency, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into my research and explore the colors and shapes that portray this experience.

Each work is an emotional journey, with colors that evoke intense feelings and images that reflect my deepest thoughts. My creative process is guided by emotion, and each work is an authentic expression of my experience.

By sharing my journey and artistic vision with the world, I hope to create a deeper, more personal connection with my potential buyers. My art is a reflection of my life, and each work is an opportunity to share my experience and inspire others to connect with their own emotions and experiences.

I believe art can be a powerful form of expression and healing, and I hope my works inspire others to explore their own emotions and find their own artistic voice.