Gabriel N.

Gabriel N.

Gabriel Nehemy is a Brazilian visual artist born in Ribeirão Preto in 1979, who now lives and works in São Paulo. His interest in art began early, developing his first paintings at the Eny Aliperti Ferreira studio, also passing through the workshops of Sergio Fingermann and Rubens Espírito Santo. After studying advertising at FAAP, Nehemy moved to London in 2003, where he decided to dedicate himself entirely to the visual arts.

Throughout his career, Nehemy won acquisition awards, including at the Pinacoteca Miguel Dutra in Piracicaba, and was cited by Bravo! as a highlight among young artists at the SP Arte exhibition. His work has already been exhibited in several exhibitions, including at the Ribeirão Preto Art Museum and the Miriam Fernandes Gallery in Miami, in the United States.

With a style marked by the use of intense colors and gestural brushstrokes that create organized chaos, Nehemy transforms the environment and decoration with his works. Having a work of art at home can make people feel better, as well as stimulating culture. The artist surrenders to the clash between himself and the canvas, creating a cathartic process where the dripping paint can represent his own sweat during the creation of each work. Inspired by large, chaotic urban centers, where there is immense cultural and social diversity, Nehemy presents in his works a unique and exciting universe that transforms people's lives.


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