Ciccy Halpern is a Brazilian visual artist born in São Paulo, trained in Fine Arts at FAAP. From an early age, he had contact and love with art through the influence of his paternal grandmother Maria Amélia Botelho de Souza Aranha – MABSA, also a sculptor and painter.

Ciccy's work has always been linked to color, joy and faith. “Vindouras Glories” was the name given to the series of paintings presented in their course conclusion work at FAAP.

At the same time, Ciccy has always been working with art in fashion. Mixed, a brand founded by her mother, was a creative vector for some developments in her art: hand-painted jeans and scarves, engravings of Our Lady of Aparecida that became t-shirt prints and involvement in the creation of other pieces with prints and colors.

In this period of social isolation, Ciccy resumed her artistic work “Coming Glories”. Pregnant with her third child, baby Gloria, her inspiration in art resumed, this time focused on drawing. Movement, life, color, fluidity and joy are striking features in his work.

In a special edition with Magnum and Mixed, Ciccy was one of the designers chosen to develop the XXL towel print.