Bruno Cazarini

Bruno Cazarini

Bruno Cazarini was born in Campinas, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and grew up surrounded by artistic references that helped his sensitivity towards photography flourish.

The biggest influence on his work as a photographer was the threatened beauty of the Atlantic Forest, which highlights the fragility balanced with the typical strength of the spirit of nature.

Cazarini traveled the world aboard ships, carrying out the most diverse occupations, always with the camera in hand, ready to capture frames of wildlife. And so he discovered his true calling: photographer.

Since 2011, Bruno Cazarini has lived in Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo, but lives traveling the world as a senior expedition photographer. “I’m an expedition photographer. I take photos of life in the places where it happens!”, defines the artist.

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Bruno Cazarini
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Bruno Cazarini
Kumai - Indonesia Sale priceFrom R$ 390