Anisio Magalhães

Anisio Magalhães

When he was just 8 years old, he received his first "Kodak" camera, and since then he had a dream, to visit Brazil.

A little older, he began preparing developers, film fixatives and black and white paper at the Mercedes-Benz company, where he also began taking photographs in the laboratory itself, from parts to visitors who came to the factory such as: Pelé, Emerson Fittipaldi , etc.

Over time, he secured his place in the advertising department, where cultural magazines, books and art calendars were produced, which were distributed throughout Brazil and abroad.
After graduating, he became the first Mercedes-Benz graduated journalist in Brazil, producing photographs throughout Brazil and Latin America.

He was awarded twice as best photographer by ABERJE - Brazilian Association of Magazine and Company Newspaper Editors. He reported in Chile during the time of Augusto Pinochet. He photographed the Pantanal for art books and Mercedes-Benz calendars, mining on the Madeira River, the Indians in Xingú, Luiz Gonzaga in Recife, Frank Sinatra at the Rio Palace, Fernanda Montenegro with an exclusive presentation at the Teatro da Lagoa, Ayrton Senna in Interlagos, among other works.

He produced the book “Arte Plumária no Brasil", which went to more than 160 countries. He photographed and directed the photos for the book "Ecologia no Brasil, myths and realities" portraying ecology, mining, deforestation, etc.

Anísio never sold his works, but decided to put his photographs on the market only in 2019.

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