Wellington Dantas

Wellington Dantas

Wellington Dantas seeks to enhance the poetry of the image through unusual framing. His artistic narrative is marked by geometric and harmonic lines and a quest to subvert reality. This “more dreamlike world” can be seen, for example, in the black and white series that Wellington Dantas dedicated to Paris. The Brazilian photographer drank from the B&W poetics of great masters of French photography such as Bresson.

The fascination with photography emerged in the 70s as a hobby. After a break, Wellington Dantas resumed his artistic career and is currently dedicated, above all, to photographing theatrical shows.

The Brazilian photographer, retired from his profession as a telecommunications technician, previously lived in Rio de Janeiro and currently resides in Recife, where he participated in Casa Cor in 2014, three philanthropic exhibitions at the Instituto de Medicina Integral Professor Fernando Figueira and several collective exhibitions in Art Plural Gallery.

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