Maria Emilia Mendes

Maria Emilia Mendes

Lives and works in Curitiba/PR.

SPACE Series

Spatial refers to the distribution space, the elements presented in a certain dimension – the screen, at a certain time – its creation. In the form of signs, several layers of colors, shapes and organic lines are applied to the canvas, gaining contours and overlappings that sometimes reveal transparencies and sometimes opacities.

As for meanings, spatial refers to the spaces occupied in our surroundings, about everyday facts that permeate life and routine. How many facts and events refer to the past and how many others arise as new challenges encouraging us to leave the comfort zone and possible risks in a completely broad and complex universe.

Permeated in their meanings and in the form of connections, all of this reveals the meaning of existence, the formation of thought, the conduct of ideals and the search for the fulfillment of individual desires.


The series of paintings arises from experimentation and the fact that images, colors, lines and shapes are present and connected in time and space. Furthermore, the gesture appears in lines constructed by chance.

Leaving areas of breathing space, it is as if the lines were seeking new paths, new horizons. Lead the viewer to move forward, make their own connections and with the other work.


These works come from the study of stains and colors and their relationship with nature, elements that always appear in his works. Forms built by the fluidity and density of materials.


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