Kazuo Okubo

Kazuo Okubo

Kazuo Okubo admits to being a "voyeur par excellence". He observes, discreetly and from afar, the movement of bodies and invests in their softness through photographic lenses. The renowned Brazilian photographer, of Japanese origin, seeks to reveal new ways of seeing human beings in his images, as well as declaring his love for the atmosphere of cities (“Dançando no Museu”, “SEX I”, “Céu Urbano”).

Kazuo Okubo is the founder of the first art photography gallery in Brasília with a permanent collection. He also took part in a photographic project to encourage the environmental preservation of Lake Paranoá, also in Brasília.

Photographers Terry Richardson, Noboyushi Araki and David La Chapelle are three of his inspirations as an artist. Kazuo Okubo, before his career as an authorial photographer, also has numerous works in the advertising sector that received awards at Cannes.

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