João di Souza

João di Souza

João di Souza, Brazilian from Itabuna - Bahia de Todos os Santos, was born in July 1976. As a young man he became involved in the wonderful circus life, seeing the beauty of the body and theatrical movement that exists in the circus, giving rise to his completely self-taught initiation expressed in his colorful paintings like Bahian nature.

Under the influence of figurative artists from Latin America, he brings together a sensual and festive universe, whose figures appear repeatedly on his canvases, in the warm and vibrant colors of João di Souza. They exude the strength of desires, insisting on playing hide-and-seek games. Behind the masks and fantasies, the truths can sound disconcerting.

João di Souza has held several solo and group exhibitions, as well as private collections, and his works can be found in museums such as the Museo Ralli in Punta Del Leste in Uruguay and Santiago in Chile.

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