Morocco table

Select Material: WOOD
Select Size: 160x73 cm
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DESCRIPTION:  The Morocco Dining Table explores, in its formula, geometric continuity and repetition to compose a single element of an exotic and unusual nature. Just like the famous patterns present in the design of Moroccan tiles, the result evokes the pleasant optical conflict of “chaotic-organized”, creating new perceptions and sensations according to the viewer’s angle.

Solid wood was chosen for the legs and top, leaving the central region of the base supported only by the metal structure, proposing the illusion of the top floating or even partially stripping the piece. Likewise, wood is the fundamental element to guarantee the durability of the product in internal and external areas while providing a noble and welcoming tactile sensation.

Its metal structure is produced in carbon steel, painted and treated to resist bad weather, and due to the resistance of the material, it makes it possible to use thinner and more delicate profiles, reinforcing the floating aspect of the top and measuring the degree of information on the base.

Nautical ropes were added to enrich the set with its different colors and distort the perception of light and shadow present in the tubes.

In the center of the wooden top, a painted glass disc is inserted at the same level with the functionality of being rotatable and providing greater practicality so that all users can reach the objects present there efficiently.
- Solid cumaru wood, carbon steel, glass and nautical rope.
Delivery time: 35 working days