Democrart was created in 2010 with the aim of making quality art accessible. Passionate about art and photography, the dream began with a need to find renowned artists and future talents in a single place at an affordable price.

The concept derives from a very simple equation: instead of offering a single (original) for R$50,000, Democrart prefers to offer multiple works of 100 editions for R$500, always with the best printing standard available in the world and specialized curation. .


Democrart seeks to promote a variety of artistic styles where the only requirement is to have a truly artistic vision. Big names are part of our collection with limited editions, numbered and signed.

We were a sponsor of the Graffiti Biennial and we were the first gallery in the world to take graffiti artists' art from the walls directly to the gallery. With a contemporary and innovative concept, we digitized several works on the walls of the cities of São Paulo, London and Berlin and turned these works into works.

We could not leave aside Cuban art that has been gaining so much space in the world and once again we were the first gallery in Brazil to work with Cuban artists in the multiple format.

High quality printing, accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

The works sold on our website and galleries are produced by our printing laboratory, guaranteeing quality control in all our works.

Under the artist's supervision, the works are numbered and the certificate of authenticity is delivered along with the work. A single work can have different sizes.

Exhibition in physical and online galleries

Each of the Democrart physical galleries is a place of culture, coexistence of thoughts and styles. A space to bring the public and artists together in exhibitions, events and lectures.

The online gallery allows you to access our entire collection, with all the artists, works and formats available. In our physical galleries you also have specialized consultancy in art and decoration.