German - Artist Democrart

Alemão has a gift for graffiti and breaks concepts in the global urban art scene. The Brazilian artist is making waves inside and outside Brazil with his graffiti characters. The artist's creative power has already reached more than 25 countries and caused his works to be exhibited twice at the acclaimed Louvre Museum, in Paris, France.

This exemplary artistic trajectory began in notebooks and school walls, as an escape valve for dyslexia, and gained enormous notoriety with the unmissable “Bicycles” series, in which a child's imaginary universe overflows. Learning to ride a bike is something you never forget. Just like childhood adventures, they never forget. Alemão's work takes us back to that unforgettable time, freezing the magic that existed in it.

Despite being empty in certain parts, its characters are “whole” in their own way. The artist and graffiti artist surrounds them in bright colors, bringing them closer to happy childhood symbols such as balloons, musical instruments and animals.