Espedito Seleiro

Espedito Seleiro

Through an inventive, astute and creative intuition, he became one of the most expressive Brazilian artisans, implementing a brand that does not deny its origins and that, today, unparalleledly represents an entire aspect of Brazilian culture.

Espedito Seleiro, together with his children, build, through silent cuttings, a playful world of leather and color that goes far beyond the technical and refined materiality of his products, it represents an authentic and singular identity, his work is full of meanings and expressions. genuine parts of our ancestry.

Many people gravitate towards the orbit of the center of attention, they seem to symbolize a missing figure on the national scene, and with transparency and rectitude of character they share the reigns with their children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, visitors, project partners and friends, imposing themselves on the objectivity and mastery of the craft.

Today, it has the privilege of having a registered trademark: Espedito Seleiro, located in Nova Olinda, CE.

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Espedito Seleiro
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Espedito Seleiro
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Espedito Seleiro
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