Daniella Bonachella

Daniella Bonachella

"Both a sheet of white paper and a sheet of metal are a challenge for me and, at the same time, an invitation to the unexpected.

Much more than a simple desire to draw, paint or sculpt, there is within me a need for physical expression using lines, shapes and colors.

During the process of creating and developing a work of art, although I am apparently in control, as incredible as it may seem, the work ends up taking on a life of its own, in search of new possibilities, new paths and new traits not previously considered, always reaching a surprising result.

The female form has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Its lines and curves can suggest an infinite number of sensations: from strength to kindness, from joy to sadness, from euphoria to serenity. Added to this, I have always been enchanted by colors and everything they represent. It's this kind of combination that makes me what my work is today."


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